Tyler Hoechlin and his goddamn infuriating central heterochromia

annythecat whispered: nogitsune and bersekers colorings are to die for. esp. nogitsune. <3

AMG :D Thank you so much!! Your colorings are fantastic! I’m checking out some coloring tutorials and trying to learn how to do it properly. I’m not very precise at all >_>; I’d like to change that. 

It was awesome hearing from you :’D And thank you again, you genuinely made my night.

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*realises the wrong gif was uploaded like an hour later*

Typical Bax Behavior.

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Silent warnings tell me
I’ve let things come undone
Show me, teach me
The way to Heaven
‘Cause no other way can




Stiles & Scott + blood spatter

everyone on my dash so hot and bothered by stiles covered in blood buT HAVE YOU NOT SEE SCOTT? look at him scowling with alpha eyes and more teeth than needed juST LOOK GODDAMN


Hokay, ready to do something else now. What is there to doooo? Can’t think of anything Teen Wolfy to gif now :c Colors broke my brain. 

Teen Wolf Gif prompt? Or suggest a TW gif meme? 

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Favorite Teen Wolf Other!Supes Rollcall